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As much as marijuana farmers like going over harvest schedules and yields, it’s simple to forget that there’s still work to be done after the harvest. Drying your cannabis is vital in ensuring that your supply is fresh and strong. When you cut the produce off the plant, the drying procedure begins.

The 6 Top Methods of Drying Weed

Every minute counts; you must pick the best technique to utilize your restricted time. Continue reading for more knowledge about the best cannabis drying methods.


This is an oldie, but might it still be a goodie? For bushy marijuana, pushing is the perfect technique. First, let your buds air dry for a week. This may suggest trying the two options listed above. After that, it’s perfect for putting a little clump of marijuana in a plastic bag. A clear plastic bag will make it simple to examine the weed within.

Location the bags under a cushion on a level surface. After a few hours, see how pushed they are. Repeat for two days or up until the cannabis feels good when pushed. After everything is dried, cure it in sealed containers.


Another choice is to utilize wire lines or vertical grow rack systems for cannabis drying. Please wait for the wetness to drop from the buds by hanging them on drying lines. This slows the drying process and contributes to the smooth taste that non-dried buds do not have.

Remove all additional leaves from the buds to enable them to breathe during drying. This likewise minimizes the humidity in the region, reducing the likelihood of mold growth.

Heaters for Small Spaces

Requiring your cache to dry too quickly might damage its effectiveness. On the other hand, space heaters can carry out the task despite their lower strength. To prevent mold, the humidity in the space must be low while your cannabis is drying, and space heaters can assist warm up the area. This way of drying weed is also seen in the DriFlower HangHarvesting System. Put your space heater in one area to eliminate wetness, enabling your marijuana to dry faster. 


Like the last one, you might utilize this device to reduce the space’s wetness and humidity. If you are looking for excellent cannabis curing kits, check out this link.

Ventilation Fans

Lots of stoners advise against drying your marijuana with heaters. Nevertheless, drying fans can aid in air circulation, which benefits your blooms. This likewise keeps mold at bay. Avoid directing your drying fans directly at your marijuana.

To make the procedure lighter and gentler, utilize oscillating fans. If you use drying fans to dry your weed, you may cover locations you may not have inspected. This should still be done on a drying rack or line position but with the assistance of fans to optimize the procedure.


You now comprehend everything there is to know about driving racks and other techniques for drying marijuana. Identify if you want to utilize or include them in your drying system. A drying rack is required if you have a lot of cannabis. It assists in keeping your marijuana orderly as it dries.

After seven days, examine whether your crop is crisp and sharp. Take a picture to help you choose. For treating your cannabis stash, the drying treatment and drying racks are important. Select what best fits your materials.