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Reasons Why You Need a Keyless Door Entry System

Security is essential in both offices and houses. There have been developments in work offices relating to access control innovation; many organizations installed electronic door entry systems to protect their personnel, consumers, and property. Now is the time to think about these security features in your home.

Many people are familiar with keyless door entry on vehicles. This modern technology isn’t new in residences and offices, but you could be less accustomed to the features and benefits of door entry systems.

How Door Entry Systems Work

A typical door entry system uses a magnetic or electronic locking device and a sensor or card reader. The system allows access to doors without using a physical key but rather through an electronic system that manages entry to the building. An authorized individual gains access to doors after the systems have verified his identification.

There are several keyless entry systems that you can choose from; credible security companies can help you make a sound decision on what’s best matched according to your specific needs.

The Advantages of Getting Door Entry Systems


Maybe, the first thing people think about with door entry systems is convenience. Imagine no more problems about forgetting the key or fumbling with keys as you try to open your door while holding so many items like groceries. If you’re living in an apartment, it also eliminates having to come down several flights just to unlock for your visitor, given that you can do it remotely.

Easier to Manage

Security companies like Barry Bros installs digital door entry systems with minimal disruption to your mechanical lock. Physical keys can also be copied or stolen. With mechanical lock-and-key, whenever a lessee or a staff member leaves, it is called for to retool or replace the mechanical lock for safety and security purposes.

You can reconfigure without changing the system. Some keyless door systems can be configured to limit access and check individuals accessing the building through an audit trail.

Enhanced Security

Any locks are only good when they provide security; it applies to electronic and mechanical ones. The keyless door system is generally suitable with automated lock systems such as deadbolts, mortises, cylindrical latches, and exit devices.

The keyless system has an encrypted program to verify the credentials of individuals trying to gain access. It can track all entry activity in real-time, advantageous for responding to emergencies or safety and security threats.

Additional Tip

Digital access systems integrated with CCTV monitoring systems will improve your security measures even more. You can use the CCTV as a peephole if your digital door has an audio system only and no video feature. The monitoring system also functions as a deterrent to most crimes, and it can help bring criminals to justice. 

Most security companies can set up a keyless door and CCTV monitoring systems in your home. Check for more info here regarding bespoke CCTV systems.


A door entry system is a wise investment for homes and services of any size. Remote management is a necessary tool to maintain your property and personnel or family safe inside your property, and it also keeps unauthorized people from entering your place.

Although the financial gain is not your top reason to install security systems on your property, having one can decrease your insurance coverage costs. Plus, the peace of mind it will give you each night in your sleep or far from home will be worth every penny you’ll spend on the system.