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The mind-altering elements in cannabis are released as vapor inhaled when vaping devices heat the plant to a temperature that is released as a vapor. Because it does not produce any toxic components of burning material, such as tar and other cancer-causing chemicals, vaping is safer for cannabis and tobacco usage.

For enjoyable vaping, you will need to know how to use your herbal vape correctly, and most of the time, trial and error is your best chance. A simple tweak would help to improve your experience tenfold. Here are some suggestions for improving your vape’s vapor production.

Tips to Improve Your Weed Vape

1. Get Your Herbs As Dry As Possible

They are called dry herb vapes; the more dry the herb is, the greater the vapor. You should always buy the driest herbs possible from your dispensary, but if they are not dry enough, you can dehydrate them further with a simple glass jar. You should buy your cannabis at a trusted and reliable weed store.

To dry your herbs, lay them in a glass jar, cover them with tissue paper on top and underneath, and leave them overnight. If the herb contains any moisture, it should be absorbed by the tissue paper. Moisture-absorbing bags, which you can buy on Amazon, can also aid with the process.

2. Grind It Up

A good grinder is beneficial for a variety of reasons. One explanation is that it aids in the more efficient vaping of your marijuana by breaking it up and increasing the surface area. 

The exposed surface area of properly ground herb allows heated air to pass through and pick up terpenes and other powerful chemicals. A large surface area will let your herb “burn” evenly, resulting in maximum vapor. To get great, copious, and tasty smoke, you will need a good grinder.

3. Pack the Perfect Oven

The amount of marijuana that should be inserted in the chamber is usually specified on most weed vapes. However, a good rule is to fill a full and fluffy oven. This is because dry herb vapes operate best when warm air can pass through and evenly heat the ground herb.

You will get more flavor and potency and better vapor since you will be extracting more of the active ingredients in the herb. You will also reduce draw resistance, which means you will not have to use as much force from the mouthpiece.

When you put too much herb in the chamber, the airflow is reduced, which means you have to inhale harder, which means you will not receive as much vapor. Like the other components on this list, the ideal oven is fluffy and even. Experiment to see what works best with your vape.

4. Turn Up The Heat

This suggestion may be subjective to vapers and may rely on their personal preferences. The greater your temperature, the closer you’ll get to a smoke-like feeling, and the more powerful your vapor’s effects will be. Some cannabis dispensaries are also offering hemp oil for pain.

The higher you set your temperature on most vaporizers, the worse your flavor and the harsher the vapor will be. Experiment to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and vapor production.

5. Clean regularly

Following a session, it is recommended that you clean your vape. Cleaning your vaporizer is similar to doing the dishes; it is simple to do it immediately, but the residue will dry up and become more difficult to remove if you wait. Because heat dissolves it, clean your vape as soon as possible after your session while still warm. A pot pen is an example of a weed vape.

Take the vape apart and clean all residues and obstructions once after 8-15 usage. Most vaporizers may be cleaned using ISO alcohol or ISO alcohol-soaked Q-Tips. Never immerse your vaporizer completely with ISO alcohol.