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Why do people install fences?

To keep out something or to block unwanted visitors? Some people want to avoid neighbors from spying or simply wish to make their properties more attractive. These are only a few of the many reasons why fences exist. If you are a realtor, you want to impress your potential clients to ensure they’re buying your estates.

There have been questions about whether it is worth investing in a fence. If you can not decide if you want to construct a fence around your property or not, remember it is a decision that improves security and adds value to your home, farm, or business. On the other hand, the whole process won’t be easy if you do the planning alone because there are additional things that you need to consider. For instance, what type of fence is acceptable for your property? How tall should it be? That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable fencing company that won’t merely install your gate but gives expert advice at the same time.

As you start planning your new fence, ask yourself what you wish to achieve when building it. Regardless of what type you need, here are the top reasons you should start building now:

Safety and Security

Fencing protects you and your loved ones, including your pets and valuables. Nobody wants to live in a home without a barrier, especially in areas prone to crimes. Also, if your neighborhood is near a wildlife reserve, your gate can prevent wild animals from entering your property and possibly hurting your family.

Moreover, your fence is critical if your pets or kids like to play in the yard. It could keep them off from easily wandering towards the road and face possible accidents or abduction. You don’t even have to worry about your dogs attacking passersby or your neighbors. With your fence, you can put up warning signs about your dogs. In other words, your fence is an excellent way to ward off danger.


Added privacy is one of the factors you think about before purchasing a home. Whether you’re watching a movie or sunbathing, you feel confident that no one’s watching you. However, it’s also vital to make sure it is not poorly designed and installed regardless of how amazing or expensive your house is. 

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To Establish Boundaries

Along with security, your gate is also a great way to mark the boundaries of your property. Sometimes other people accidentally trespass on their neighbor’s property without realizing it is upsetting the owner. Many land or homeowners might even feel frustrated that their neighbors do not respect the lines separating their estates. But if you have a fence, it will create a clear barrier between your properties.

Aesthetic Purposes

Although an owner typically builds a fence for practical reasons, curb appeal must also be among the main concerns. Just because a gate has primary functions does not mean that it can not look nice and impressive. If you’ve been dreaming about a slatted timber fence or wooden garden gates, or perhaps a bamboo privacy fence, go on. Nowadays, fences are no longer just to provide security and mark boundaries but are also used as a focal point of your frontage or a highlight to your landscape design.

To Conceal Noises and Unattractive Sights

Imagine if you or your neighbors like to throw a party. A fence can somehow buffer the sound from your house or your neighbor’s home. If this is a concern, start looking for noise-concealing fences. These types are also perfect for churches or schools along the highway to conceal road noises.

Furthermore, if your neighbors have overflowing garbage bins, old furniture in the yard, or unsightly grass or leaves, a fence can hide these embarrassing views.