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For the property investor seeking a profitable buy to let opportunities in London, 1 place that warrants consideration has to be Croydon. With purchase costs in some sections of the London borough lower than much of the remaining part of the funding, and with returns averaging a healthy 4.5 percent, and a multitude of prime place benefits, it really is worth discovering what home investment in Croydon has to offer you. 

Croydon forms a part of the Greater London region and is the second-largest London borough with a population of about 385,000.

What can investors expect from home costs in Croydon?

Looking at investment land for sale in Croydon, whilst Greater London is proven to command among the highest investment amounts for buy to let landlords, the fact is that Croydon sits next to among cheapest places to purchase land.

HM Land Registry data shows the average land price in Croydon is £367,500. However, for anyone on the watch for a lower price investment, there is a beginning price of approximately £100,000.

Rent shrewd, the Croydon Market Rent Summary shows that landlords could command an average rental fee of £1,240 a month. Family homes of 3 bedrooms typical £1,679 and two bedrooms £1,393. Even a one-bed property can achieve £1,066 a month. Prevent void periods with rent guarantee schemes, learn more here.

Yield-wise, investors are considering 3.9 to 4.8 percent, based on Liveyield, which compares well to the rest of London.

What brings tenants to reside in Croydon?

Croydon is one of London’s fastest-growing economies at 3.7 percent above average and is reported to have the 2nd fastest expanding local economy in the whole of the United Kingdom. As well as benefiting from significant investment in the local transport network and billions of pounds worth of regeneration investment, Croydon has also been awarded London Borough of Culture 2023.

Sitting at the northern tip of this Gatwick Diamond, Croydon is a thriving business community and major financial hub for the southeast of England offering a substantial selection of job opportunities.

There are just a few areas that boast the wealthy transport links that Croydon does. Actually, this region is one of the best-connected metropolitan zones, served by four railroad stations and several big road links including the M23, M25, and the A23. Gatwick Airport is only 15 minutes away, and central London just 35 minutes by rail from East Croydon Station.

Amenities and leisure shrewd, the place is brimming with green spaces, retail, leisure and arts facilities, and excellent schools. The London Borough of Culture award will see £1.35 million in funding supporting a year-long program of events, putting culture in the core of the community.

Which kind of home is typical in Croydon?

If it comes to investment property for sale in Croydon, there’s quite a varied range available.

Central Croydon is usually populated with traditional terraces and a few newly build apartment blocks.

North Croydon tends to attract people who have a need or desire to reside in London, but that is looking for better value. Thornton

Heath, South Norwood, Broad Green, Selhurst, and Norbury are a Few of the most well-known areas.

Within East Croydon, in regions like Addiscombe, Shirley, and Long Lane Wood, this is where you will find plenty of green areas, and farther out to Addington the area gets semi-rural, although transportation links surely do not suffer courtesy of the London Trams network.

Property types here are rather a mix, which ranges from value to high end. Buy to let investors are wise to decide on places with good access to East Croydon Station and Norwood Junction Station to better serve commuting renters. Check out the guaranteed rent for leasing agents here.

Yields in North and East Croydon provide an average 4.5 — 4.7 percent yield.

South Croydon and its districts of Coulsdon, Selsdon, Sanderstead, and Kenley, and also the town of Purley, Are Inclined to be semi-rural and very detached from the conventional London feel. Bordering Surrey, these are a few of the very upmarket places in Croydon. Property types and prices are represented by this actuality. Again, accessibility to channels is advantageous, although proximity to the M25 is a significant pull.

Yield wise for South Croydon property investment, you are looking at about a 4 — 4.3 percent return.

West Croydon, including Old Town and Waddon, is a mixed residential and commercial location.

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