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We all know that as the wonderful New Year starts, you’re also planning more trips for your 2020 journeys. And, as it’s a new start, perhaps it’s time to start new traveling habits with these travel tips. Check them out!

travel-plan1. Book your flight and hotel!

Of course! You must do the important things like booking flights and hotel rooms of which country you’ll be heading to. Whether it’s a hotel or a hotel, let us direct you to the best hotels and resorts in Asia! You also may want to apply for travel insurance. This can allow you to feel safe and secure as you travel to different areas.

2. Research then plan

When choosing places to see in Asia, doing research is essential especially when planning an itinerary. You can group attractions which are close to your hotel on a single day and the places which will take you an hour or more from your hotel on another day. You also need to research which mode of transportations is convenient and safe.

3. Familiarize yourself with the environment and language

Travelers nowadays are extremely lucky because cellular phones make it effortless to do virtually anything. From finding resort places to translating languages, you can do it on your cell phone. But of course, before traveling for 2020, it is sensible to research on local culture and place to know which area to tick off your list. Additionally, it is a must that you know a few basic words and phrases to make it easier to communicate with the natives.

4. Exchange currency ahead of time

The next tip on the list of travel advice is to be certain you exchange currency ahead of time. Even if you believe those credit cards can help save you from all of your travel expenses including meals, entry fees, and purchasing, it is still important to pile some money in your wallet.

5. Pack clothes that are suitable for your destination

You don’t wear coats in tropical countries such as Thailand or the Philippines, do not ya? Or, wear tank tops to South Korea or Japan in the winter season? You will look weird not only to the locals but to other travelers also. Be certain to be aware of the weather when you are visiting so that you know what kind of clothing to pack. Then again, try to pack light if you’re planning to go on several shopping sprees.

6. Bring a backpack or a small purse

Adventure travelers and solo backpackers can relate to this! You do not need to bring your enormous, luxurious Gucci bag if you would like to enjoy walking or hiking. Ensure that you pack a bag or backpack which can store all of your basic essentials when you are out and about. Doing so will spare you from the hassle of lugging around a large bag especially if you’re planning to take the train or bus.

7. Make some regional friends

Do you know what is the best thing about traveling to different areas? It is possible to make many friends! This is the reason it’s better to practice your English and learn basic greetings. Whenever you make local friends, you will surely have new news on the latest trends which are occurring in their country so that you could make more intriguing travel plans and ideas that the next time you see them.

8. Have fun and enjoy your journey!

Never forget that the reason you journey is to have fun and enjoy each and every moment of your holiday. Do not stick your nose in your travel plans too much or about what time if you are on your next attraction to see when you have just already came at the first place on your list. Now go and create more memories!

Your 2020 will be amazing! Check out more travel tips and things to do for your next traveling! Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter below to get new updates on the latest travel guides!

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