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I am often asked about my favorite art supplies and which tools I use frequently. As opposed to trying to answer each individual question one at a time, I thought I’d draw up a handy little list I can upgrade as needed. Hopefully, you’ll discover this site post helpful as you pursue your artistic endeavors. If there’s something which you believe should be added to this list, let me know! I would really like to have an excuse to try something new!

Drawing Supplies




In case you already understand what lead you to utilize, THIS PENCIL is my current favorite drawing pencil. I am obsessed with this holder–I really like the weight and the fact that my pen is not a tiny nub by the conclusion of a project! I will buy a second one. I’ve B direct and HB lead.

To get a more “mechanical pencil” feel, I like THIS ONE. While I personally prefer the one I said previously, I’ve carried this one around a long time. It’s a fantastic back up for me (I have a 0.7mm, but goes for 0.5mm when I had been shopping again).

If you’re not certain which pencil lead you ought to use, I suggest starting with a few diverse leads (such as THIS KIT) and experimentation to find your favorite and what works with your personality.


Yes, I have an entire section devoted to erasers! However, I find them to be super useful when you’ve got the ideal ones.

My “ride or die”, visit a desert island eraser is absolutely a KNEADED ERASER. I can use these to perform a lot of distinct jobs –from lightening a sketch into getting some heavy-duty errors off the page. While it’s no substitute for a fantastic WHITE ERASER (the heavy lifters of erasers–great for those huge mistakes), It is the one which I carry around with me when I travel. If everything I had were lost in a fire, the first thing I’d get is a Kneaded Eraser.

For those who are searching for an additional “treat” for your drawing kit, I have just the thing! I spent in a Tombow MONO ZERO eraser and I like it. It has the power of a classic white eraser but at the exact, fine tip packaging of a mechanical pen. I really like it for exercising tiny details and cleaning up my delicate edges. I bought the round one initially but went back to get a backup and the square tip. Round remains my favorite, but I use both!

Ink Pens:

A recent popular already has a cult following: MICRON. I really like the smaller dimensions, as usual, and how the ink is waterproof. Yes, waterproof. I use the 01 the most, but I really like the 005 for details as well as the 03 for larger items of accent (or for letterpress designs). THIS is a great set to begin with.

I’ve used FABER CASTELL since college and have always loved the XS size. I prefer to work with a single size and just return over my lines to thicken and add accent, instead of switch between styles and sizes.


For pen and ink illustrations, I generally use this BRISTOL PAPER or Mixed Media newspaper (a new love). I like the smooth feel. Fantastic for the fine details of a colored pencil portrait or a little ink contour. For sketches, I generally just grab a sheet of computer paper or anything sketchbook is handy. I’m not picky–I only want to draw! haha

Colored Pencils:

I used Verithin colored pencils for a long time while I was producing exclusively colored pencil portraits. They are extremely simple to use and have a tough lead which can help one to get that soft, airy appearance. For more realistic and lifelike portraits, I really like to use Prismacolor’s other pens –they have a more of an oily base to them so that they blend as a d-r-e-a-m and seem like a painting.

Watercolor Supplies



I learned to paint a little traveler’s kit, like THIS ONE BY WINSOR AND NEWTON. If you’re just starting out, or find yourself short on time to learn and research, these pans are really convenient. While I generally utilize tube paint nowadays, it is because I am more conscious of what colors I love and use frequently.


I recently purchased and am enjoying the PRINCETON NEPTUNE watercolor brushes! The silicone squirrel brushes are so soft and fluid, I am really enjoying them. I (almost) only use around brushes, so I bought a size 6,8, and 10, but if you need some sort, they also have a few places that have a bit more variety I may test out later on.

If you are just starting out, I urge THIS SET. It’s a fairly good kit that is still affordable and a fantastic way to learn what sort of brushes you like to utilize. Because these aren’t strictly “watercolor” brushes, they don’t hold as much water and therefore are somewhat easier to control for beginners.


I’ve heard wonderful things about ARCHES, but I have not made the jump yet into that luxury. Partly because I am cheap, but mostly because I just love working on Strathmore 300 Series Watercolor Paper. It manages the watercolor the way I need it to and it is affordable! I did try out the 400 series and hated it, but have friends who love it, so to each her own!

Filming Tools

Phone holder:

I picture my videos completely on my phone, so I really rely on this Gooseneck telephone clip to get the work done. I really like how easy it is to control, the fact I can use it on an assortment of different table widths and that it is white:-RRB- She largely lives in my desk, but I really like that it’s easy to move and use in various parts of my home.

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