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Construction is a method of building or assembling infrastructure in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. It follows a detailed design and construction of various materials and pieces to create a specific building. These projects are typically overseen by a project manager, the project architect, or a construction engineer.

At its most basic level, construction project management is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing construction projects, whether agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, heavy civil, or environmental.

Major Types of Construction

The foundation, walls, and floors of a building are interconnected. The major types of constructions include residential structures, institutional and commercial structures, industrial structures, and agricultural structures.

Residential Building

Residential housing construction is the first form of construction; it involves building, maintaining, and renovating housing, materials, or equipment. Condos, townhomes, apartments, nursing homes, dorms are all included. Garages and outbuildings, such as utility sheds, are also considered residential structures. As mentioned, residential construction also involves installing and maintaining utilities such as electricity and water within the structure.

Architects and engineers usually develop housing projects for residential properties. At the same time, construction is completed by construction companies that hire subcontractors to carry out the construction’s structural, mechanical, electrical, and structural work. Single-family homes are typically constructed by builders, who can take care of the design and construction. Companies that provide residential construction of homes have their website. Contact FARCO services today for more information.

Institutional and Commercial Building

This type of development includes schools, skyscrapers, hospitals, and commercial centers. Like residential housing development, commercial and institutional construction involves building new structures and the repair and upkeep of existing facilities. 

A private or firm owner generally commissions a venture like a store. Other infrastructure projects, including schools, stadiums, and medical facilities, are typically operated and funded by the local and national governments. You can learn more here about institutional and commercial constructions.

Industrial Construction

This form of construction comprises structures that require a higher amount of specialized and technological design, planning, and construction design skills. Industrial or for-profit businesses generally carry out this form of building. Companies that offer full-service construction are usually those who are specialized in industrial building.

A chemical company, for example, can create oil refineries, and a power generation industry can construct nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants, both of which are specialized industrial structures.

Agricultural Construction

This kind of construction involves creating and designing structures that operate within a ranching or dairy community. It could lead to new opportunities and new connections. The development includes new milking parlors, free-stall barn roof covers, tractor storage, grain storage, and equipment cover sheds. To see Arkansas contractor, visit their website to learn more.


These are the most well-known kinds of construction firms. You can pick from various building experts depending on the scale of your construction project. An engineer or architect could assist with the design of your building, while a builder can help you with the construction. You should ensure that the contractor or someone you choose to hire is reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in this particular field.